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Annabelle Playe emploie des échantillons de voix (peut-être la sienne, car elle est également chanteuse) et des enregistrements de champ pour ajouter les détails intrigants, mais la partie de la toile est occupée par ses gestes sûrs d’impasto de bruit numérique, s’étendant des couches lourdes du bourdon solidifié repère stridents de glitchery tordu hyper-occupé. Nous admirons sa compacité, coulant des quantités de données riches dans des voies courtes, certains morceaux ne durent que 60 ou 90 secondes, pourtant ils liment la surface d’une planète étrangère aussi efficacement que n’importe quel dispositif de balayage construit par la NASA.

ALBUM MATRICE / Destination Moon by Ed Pinsent

French musician Annabelle Playe has contributed elements to some of Franck Vigroux’s recordings in the past, but here she is with her own solo album on his label composed and performed by herself, and simply called Matrice (D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS DAC 2011), a suite of instrumental music in ten named parts. Very strong and robust electro-acoustic tones beam forth like lasers. We’re advised the music is deliberately constructed to shade into noisier territories, and as such it fits perfectly into Vigroux’s paranoid and darkened world-view. Playe uses voice samples (her own perhaps, as she is also a singer) and field recordings to add intriguing details, but the bulk of the canvas is occupied by her confident impasto gestures of digital sound, ranging from the heavy layers of solidified drone to the scratchy etch-marks of hyper-busy distorted glitchery. We also find much to admire in her compactness, streaming out rich quantities of data in short tracks, some of which are only 60 or 90 seconds in duration, yet they limn the surface of an alien planet as efficiently as any scanning device built by NASA.

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